Assembling the Best Golf Apparel

Golf apparel is a player’s suit of armor when in the golf course. Armors are among the keys to victory in a battle. They always have to be the best. Following that line of thought, shouldn’t players wear the best golf apparel to be at the top of their game? Here are a few tips in assembling the best set of clothes to wear when golfing. The priority of the ensemble is the player’s comfort and optimization of their skills during a game.


Golf shirts should always be collared as per traditional golf apparel. The fit of the shirt should be just right for the body. Shirts that are too tight will restrict arm and torso movement. A shirt that is too loose, meanwhile, can get in the way of a player’s swings because of the extra fabric hanging around. The shirt sleeves should be three quarters of the way to the elbow to satisfy the dress code and need for free arm movement.

Breathable and comfortable fabric should be used for the shirt. It should also be sweat and odor absorbent. Cotton and polyester are among the most recommended clothing materials.

The choice for shirt colors and prints is not restrictive. It is only advisable to wear lighter colors during hot sunny days since it will attract less heat compared to darker colors.


Golf apparelLike the shirt, the pants should also be of the right fit for the player and made of breathable fabric. Too tight or too loose a fit can compromise a golfer’s movement when swinging the club or walking. Choose a fit where the legs can move comfortably. If the pants fit perfectly around the legs but not around the waist, use belts to keep the clothing snug and secure.

For pants, the ideal length is where the bottom is just brushing the tops of the shoes. Pants that are too long will get dirty easily and may affect the shoes’ traction to the ground. Too short in length would be awkward.

Meanwhile, dress shorts should fall just above the knee caps. If the length passes beyond the knees, then it can restrict movement and make a player look silly. Dress shorts reaching the thighs should be avoided since they give a crude look.


The footwear of golf apparel should provide players comfort and support. A pair of good quality shoes really helps when golfing especially if the game can stretch for hours.

Golf shoes should be lightweight and flexible but with no compromise in their durability. Its fit and material should not cramp or chafe the feet. It should be sturdy enough and water proofed so it can last a lot of games regardless of weather conditions. Leather is the most recommended material for golf shoes.

There should be built-in foam insoles in the shoes. They cushion and support a player’s feet to keep them comfortable through hours of standing and walking. If the best pair of golf shoes found did not have any built-in insoles, buy supportive insoles that you can use, instead. Most sports stores have them.

The main function of shoes in golf apparel is to give players traction when swinging their clubs. Golf shoes have spikes in their sole that provide golfers a steady anchor to the ground, resulting to a steady and strong swing. Traditional spikes are made of metal but the most recommendable are plastic spikes. Plastic is lighter and more comfortable yet it offers more traction than metal ones.


Like the shirt and pants, the socks should be of breathable and comfortable fabric. It should be sweat absorbent to avoid any unpleasant odors while playing.


A good glove should perfectly fit all areas of the hand and supple enough for movement. It should also not comprise your hands when feeling a shot.

Golf apparel includes many diffrent kinds of clothing like golf shirts, golf pant, golf skirts and many more.