Custom Embroidered Patches Through Time

Most businessmen today regard custom embroidered patches as effective tools in advertising or promoting their products or services. Different people find different ways to use the patches to their advantage. There are schools, companies, or different institutions that use the patches to motivate their students, workers, or members. The technology or method in creating the patches as well as the designs and materials that most manufacturers use to produce them already changed a lot since the first patch appeared. Expect the patches to continue to evolve with time.

The Exact Beginning of Embroidery

There is no known record regarding the exact time when embroidery began to enchant the world. However, ancient Egyptians, Hebrews, Babylonians, and Phoenicians used embroidery to decorate their robes. Embroidery was also used to decorate the walls by hanging the pieces just like paintings.

Before, only the elite individuals or persons of high status were the only ones who wore the embroidered items. Embroidered items were too expensive for ordinary people back then. Even though an ordinary person wanted to own an embroidered item, it was impossible for her to afford the price.

The embroidered pieces constantly reminded the lower class about the huge difference in their social standing to upper class. It took embroidery experts an ample amount of time just to finish a meticulous embroidered piece.


Embroidered pieces are usually done by hand. There were machines designed to make embroidery much easier, but the public did not find them quite useful, until Isaak Groebli invented the embroidery machine that he called Schiffli. The machine looked like a little boat, hence the name “Schiffli”, which means little boat. The machine made embroidery easier, although it must be operated by a number of workers. Groebli’s son later discovered a way to enhance the machine, which only needed one worker to operate it.

The advancement of technology today makes it much easier to do custom embroidered patches. Anyone can afford to buy the embroidered patches as well as other embroidered items.

The Fascinating Beginnings of Patches

There are evidences that embroidered patches started between third and fifth century B.C. in Asia and to be more specific, in China. Seamstresses used different patches to mend clothing.

Before the 18th century, it was hard to distinguish the rankings of the soldiers just by looking at their uniforms. The introduction of patches solved the dilemma. To acknowledge and honor the rank of officers, embroidered patches of different designs and patterns were used.

The idea started with the British Army, and it did not take long for United States Army to adapt the same method. The patches were simple and easy to embroider by hand and they were usually made by the mother, wife, or sister of the soldier. The machines for custom embroidered patches were not yet invented during that time.

During the 2nd World War, military units were using patches to set apart the officers from ordinary soldiers. The patches were fondly called shoulder sleeve insignia or SSI for short.

Custom Patches Today

The military units throughout the world still use the patches, which are more meticulously crafted with the help of modern technology. They also come in different varieties and styles.

Businessmen, schools, and most people find a hundred and one ways to use the patches to their advantage. Different establishments use the patches to promote their business. There are also patches that provide inspirational words to motivate workers, students, or members of the clubs.

There are schools, universities, organizations, companies, and other offices that use patches as logos on their uniform. Most companies find patches more economical than direct embroidery. It is also easier to attach and detach the patches when needed.

There are different designs, styles, shapes, and backings that can be used for custom embroidered patches. Most manufacturers include the patch artwork in their service, making it more convenient and easier for clients to obtain a professional-looking patch without losing the aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

Embroidered pieces are also much cheaper today than before, and anyone can afford to buy them. The patches can be mass produced and the clients do not need to wait for a long time before they can take their embroidered pieces home.

The embroidered patches can also be used as favors or giveaways. They can be used to commemorate a certain event. They can be used as decorative pieces like the ancient people did before. The patches can be used as decorative fashion additions to complete the looks. They can be attached on denim jeans and jackets to create a more daring look (depending on the design of the patch).

It is hard to deny the versatility of the custom embroidered patches, and people will surely find more uses for them in the future. There is no doubt that the technology that the embroidered patches are using today will keep on improving. Expect that new materials and methods will come up and create new opportunities for embroidered patches to further improve.

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