How to Be an Effective Content Writer

A content writer is someone who writes content, may it be e-books, text for various graphics, podcasts, or sales copy, for the World Wide Web. While web writers might seem to live a luxurious life—they’re not bound by any work schedule, they work out of their homes and have total control of the amount of work that they’ll do per day—a large portion of them find that making a living out of it is not easy.

Content writerThey find that they lack the specific skills to succeed in content writing. Because even though they possess the know-how to write, plain writing skills are just not enough. You need to have the specific skill-set that a content writer should in order to be successful. Here are some content-writing specific skills that you must if you want to be a great writer for the web:

Learn various writing styles

Being able to only write in one style won’t do you much good in content writing. Remember that you’ll be writing content for the Web. Therefore, your content writing style must be as diverse as the web itself. As a writer for the web you might be asked to write News which is typically delivered in AP style. What is an AP style? AP style is a type of writing style wherein you put the meat of the story at the top paragraph of your content to make it as informative as possible. We also have the Blogging style wherein the content is written in a more friendly and opinionated tone. If you’re going to write Marketing content, you definitely have to use the Ad copy style; a writing style that typically short and compels the reader to make a buying decision. Keep in mind that the more writing styles you learn and master, the more in demand and valuable you become as a content writer.

Be Original

Nothing hurts a content writer more than having your work flagged for plagiarism. Remember that your work makes your reputation in the content writing world. Each time you post something with your name on it, make sure that it is all original. This notion probably sounds preposterous, with millions of people already writing about the same topics, but it’s actually not that hard to do. An effective writer for the web can always offer a unique perspective to an already overworked topic.

Become a Social Media Expert

Being recognized and getting your name out there is also important in this business. With social media, you’ll be able to reach a wide range of audience. At the same time, you can also build your network of people who have taken a liking to the kind of content that you produce. Keep in mind that your followers are more likely to share and recommend the content that you write if you’re active in social media. An effective writer for the web is always friendly, active, and public.

Learn HTML, CSS, WordPress and SEO

Don’t freak out. All you need to learn about these website creation programming languages are the basics. Having a basic understanding of these allows you to modify code to create and style content that you’ll be writing. Adding these in your portfolio of skills will definitely make you extremely in demand. Knowledge in SEO is also crucial since it lets you keep up with the day-to-day algorithm changes in search engines.

An effective web writer is an SEO specialist, social media expert, marketing specialist, and an on-page coder. By mastering all these skill-sets, you’ll definitely succeed and surely find that yours is really the greatest job of all. provides quality article writing, web content and content writer for a low price.