Pre-Planning the Right Funeral Services for You

Pre-planning funeral services has become a growing trend these days. While it may sound odd, some people do it because of the various advantages it offers.

For instance, families no longer have to worry about common issues during unexpected deaths, such as the funeral expenses. Preparing the funds and paying beforehand can save families from this additional burden.

Pre-planning is recommended to lessen the overwhelming stress of losing a loved one. From the final disposition method to the memorial service, everything must be prepared to help the families ease their grief.

Final Disposition Method

Choosing the final disposition method during unexpected deaths may ignite conflicts in the family. For example, one party prefers cremation, while the other wants to do a traditional burial. This does not only bring tension to the family, but also adds up to the grief they are already bearing. However, if everything is already planned, you can avoid being in this situation.

If you are planning to have a traditional burial, bear in mind that it is usually more expensive than cremation. Purchasing a casket and a burial ground can be pricey, including the funeral services fees traditional burial entails.

Funeral Services

However, expenses in cremation can still be steep. This is because it requires tons of fuel to perform the process. However, with advanced techniques available in some funeral homes, you can reduce this fuel cost.

In addition, cremation does not require costly caskets and full-sized burial grounds. Caskets made from light wood materials will already suffice. As for the burial, a small portion of the ground is enough to bury an urn. In fact, some prefer to not bury the urns, but display them in their homes.

On the other hand, religious and traditional customs can also be a factor in choosing the final disposition method. Some religions do not allow cremation, while other traditions prefer otherwise, so consider these factors before deciding which method to choose.

Memorial Service

Memorial services are held to comfort grieving families and friends in their time of needs. Whether it is a traditional funeral or a celebration of life, both aim to give support in their own ways.

In traditional funeral, solemnity of the ceremony is observed. This memorial service has been around for the longest time. Since it is more rooted in tradition, the ceremony follows three distinct activities:

  • The Visitation – This is the time when people pay their respects to the deceased. The visitation, or also known as viewing, is often held the night before the funeral or on the same day.
  • The Funeral Service – In this activity, a pastor or the funeral director leads the ceremony in the church or the funeral home. This activity often follows a funeral service order including the singing of hymns, invocations, recitations of the Bible, reading of Scriptures, and prayers.
  • The Committal Service – During this activity, a slow automobile procession takes place. This is the time when the casketed remains is taken to the cemetery, buried into the ground, while the officiant delivers the last prayers.


On the other hand, a ceremony is also held to celebrate life. However, unlike in the traditional funeral services, this celebration is more personal and can be arranged according to one’s preference.

What makes celebration of life special is that you can be creative and free to customize the ceremony. You can set various activities to commemorate the life and deeds of a departed family member or a friend. Funeral homes can also arrange the wishes of their clients, whether you want certain motifs or play a specific music choice.

For instance, the departed loved one is fond of reading books. You can incorporate this hobby to remember his legacy better and make the celebration more personal.

In celebration of life, there is also more time to plan the celebration you want, since it is usually held after cremation.
Whatever final disposition or memorial service you prefer, we, at Gentry Griffey, offer only the best pre-planned funeral services for all your end-of-life needs.