Six Main Types of Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are popular for a reason. They look simple but they serve certain purposes. Widely used as an ID holder by students from different levels, they come in different colors and designs. In the corporate world, one look at someone’s lanyard and you can easily know from which company or department that person belongs to.

Now, the use of neck lanyards is not limited to being ID holders. They are made from different kinds of materials that make each special. In case you are planning to order neck lanyards, here is a quick guide on the types of materials used by suppliers in making them:

1. Polyester Lanyards

Flat polyester lanyard is one of the most popular types of lanyard because it is cheap and comfortable to wear. Simple custom designs, like company names or other typographic prints, look great on this type of material.

2. Tubular Lanyards

These lanyards are made from tube-stitched polyester twill fabric, making them similar to a shoelace. They’re soft on the skin and will not pull on your hair even when worn for long periods. They are also the cheapest choice among all types of lanyards. Depending on the size you want, you can place your company name, logo or brand on them.

3. Woven lanyards

True to its name, your custom design or message is woven with thread into the main fabric. The process is just like how embroidery works. This technique will give a more elegant touch to the lanyard and give a polished look since the text is embedded onto the lanyard. Since the designs are woven into the fabric, it is advisable to use simple texts or logos because designs that are more complex will not appear clearly.

4. Nylon Lanyard

Neck LanyardsNylon lanyards give a shiny look and the designs printed on them are silk-screened. They are not susceptible to wear and tear since the material used is high quality nylon. If you are thinking about buying a high quality durable lanyard, this one is highly recommended. Detailed designs will print beautifully on nylon lanyards and the finished product will look smooth and shiny.

5. Dye Sublimated Lanyards

When it comes to print quality and durability, this lanyard is the best bet. The material used in this one is polyester material and the designs are imprinted through and through the fabric. The printed design is guaranteed not to crack, fade, or wear off over time.

6. Cord/ Shoestring Lanyards

Considered as one of the newest styles of lanyard, cord lanyards are round and comfortable to wear around the neck. They are simple and easy on the skin. If you want some text to be printed on the cord, a simple text message is recommended since it makes the lanyard look clean.

Aside from the main material of the lanyard, you have to consider the lanyard attachments; these are the metal or plastic clasps that are placed at the end of the lanyard. There are several types of attachments to choose from, some of them are the following: thumb trigger, key rings, cellphone loop, thumb hook, oval hook, and carabiner hook. You can always ask your supplier to attach an additional hook depending on your budget and design preferences.

The different types of materials used in making customized lanyards not only bring life to the item itself but bring out the personality of the one requesting for them. When you customize lanyards, make sure that they reflects the company or organization that you are representing since neck lanyards are not just items you place around your neck, they also carry the name of the group you belong to.

Wholesale Lanyards offers quality lanyards at affordable prices.Nylon lanyards give a shiny look and the designs printed on them are silk-screened.