The Life Of A Portable Storage Container 

A portable storage container is primarily used as a shipping cargo that holds products and/or valuable goods overseas and on land. These containers are usually conceived in Asia (most certainly China) and assembled in storage container companies across the world.

The containers are made out of corrugated metal sheets and are subjected to many quality tests to make sure each container can endure extreme weather conditions, salt and moisture. They also come in various sizes, height and dimension. The most common sizes are 20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6in, and 40ft x 8ft x 8ft 6in. They are spacious enough to contain luxury cars in them.

Uses Of A Portable Storage Container

The scale of these stackable, metal containers had people thinking of how these shipping containers can be beneficial to those who are not exactly in the freight industry. Since they are spacious enough to hold cars inside them, people thought that storage containers can be a good framework for building livable space.

At first, engineers and construction workers found that these metal storage units can be an excellent on-site office. This idea, obviously, evolved pretty quickly that people started building houses from used storage containers.

Portable Storage Container Other innovations include: artisan restaurants/pub/café, mobile fast food chains, public libraries, music studios, game rooms, house extensions, student dorms, public markets, malls, camps, homeless shelter, clinics, bomb shelters, and a lot more. Since it is possible to modify a portable storage container, people were able to produce every possible structure, commercial and not, out of it.

How To Build Storage Container Homes

Building a dwelling space from storage containers is very similar to building structures using traditional materials. The first few processes are the same – from getting a building permit to excavating for septic, storm water management, utilities and foundation. The next step should be container modification. Containers are basically hollow and only come in standard shape; thus, they need to be cut and tailored so they can have windows and doors.

In addition, insulation is a huge factor. These containers are made of metal, which means they conduct hot and cold temperature. If not properly insulated, storage container homes will have a temperature that can toast anyone alive from the inside during summer and can freeze people to death during winter. The last steps are basically the same as with building with traditional materials.

The steps in making a shipping container home might seem very easy, but it can become pretty complicated especially when it comes to location and budget. There are cities, states and countries that do not allow building structures out of metal containers. Moreover, the money that you are willing to spend for the structure can become quite an issue because the containers have to be transported and tailored from someplace else. Nonetheless, storage container homes are more cost-efficient than traditionally constructed homes.

Going Green With Shipping Containers

Building a home out of a portable storage container is beneficial, not only for homeless and ordinary people who need home, but also to our mother earth. The lifespan of a storage container is 5 years on average. Most of the time, its 5-year lifespan is not maximized and a storage container can be left abandoned in a shipyard after one trip. This causes a huge pile of containers in most of the shipyards.

With the earth’s junk piling up, people are left with no choice but to take a huge leap of faith and start digging their trash and use them again. Fortunately, we have been blessed with enough creativity to re-cycle and up-cycle our junks. Not only does this help our environment, this also creates awareness among people who are clueless with what is going on.

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