Understanding the Basics of Depository Safes

safeDepository safes, also known as deposit boxes, are a form of safe used to keep valuables from any burglars or fire. Although this can be used at home, the depository safe is more commonly used in commercial establishments such as restaurants or post offices.

A depository safe is usually used to immediately stash the money safely before it is deposited in the bank. This is also called a drop box due to how an item is placed in the safe—by dropping it in a small window at the top of its enclosed chamber. Now, you may be wondering how the money is kept safe if there is a small window on top. Here’s a look at how depository safes can keep items safe.

Construction of a depository safe

Depository safes are mostly used for money. It comes in many designs and types that fits both home and office use. This safe may have a window on top where you can drop items for safekeeping, but this doesn’t mean it is less safe to use.

To keep the contents from being fished out, each depository safe is designed with two sets of jagged edges placed in between the dropping area and the chamber where the items are kept. You can see one of these on top of the chamber when you open the safe.

Other than the jagged edges, the depository safe is designed with at least a quarter-inch solid steel plate on the body’s wall and a half-inch steel plate on the door. The door also has bolts that are one-inch in diameter.

To keep the contents safer, make sure that the safe’s door has a metal hooked on the backside to the interior. This is to keep it locked in case someone tries to open it by cutting off the hinges.

Considering fireproof and waterproof safes

Another part of the depository safe’s construction is the material used on it. While it is given that these safes are burglar resistant, you need to check if it is fire resistant too.

Burglars are not the only threat you need to worry about. Fire can also be a grievous threat. Companies and homes that faced this destructive force lost millions of dollars in possessions. They also lost important documents in an instant.

Fireproof depository safes are advisable for both company use and home use. Fireproof safes are designed with insulators that helps maintain the temperature inside to 350 degrees for 30 minutes to 4 hours. You can check how long the items can be kept safe by checking its label located at the backside of the door. This is from the test conducted by Underwriters Laboratories which shows how long an item is kept from burning inside the safe as the outer part is exposed to a high temperature.

Other safety features

To secure the safety of your contents more, you need to check the locking mechanism and its anchoring.

A depository safe has two basic type of locking system: the dial composition lock and the electronic lock.

The dial composition lock is a 200 year old technology. It is a good locking mechanism if you are sure most of the employees you work with are trustworthy. An electronic lock, on the other hand, allows you to change the lock combination every week.

You should also check the safe’s anchoring. There are cases when burglars will take the whole safe and try to open it after they’ve escaped. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, the safe should have a concrete expansion anchor inside. This allows you to keep the safe in one place.

Depository safes are good investments especially if you have a home business. This allows you to immediately stash the money safely without worrying about getting robbed. At present, these safes come in different types to fit your every need. Just remember to check the safety features (construction, locking, and anchoring) to really be assured that your items are kept safe from any threats.